A downloadable Lily Renewal for Windows

"This is the only game we played on our lets play channel, so far, to have made us cry." Steel and Teal from Studio Blue.

Game Jam Entry for Studio Blue's 2 Week Game Jam. Winner of the Story Category.


- Visual Novel image slideshows for specific scenes.
- You can toggle between holding together by pressing 1.
- You can switch between characters when you enter a stage if you are separated by pressing 2.
- You can separate your characters at specific spots by pressing 3 in order for them to either pull a switch they or for them to stay in order to press a button. You rejoin each other by interacting with them when they're separate.
- Teamwork is key if you want to solve the mystery of the puzzles in the game and reveal the hidden memories of Iliana's past.
- Minimal to no text/dialogue. Mostly auditory and visual showcase.

Install instructions

Open the Game_Boxed file in order to open the game. 


You can use the mouse to interact with the game. There is no touch support for the 1,2,3 numpads.

- Enter/Z - Interact with objects.

- Arrow Keys - Move characters.


Lily Renewal v.1.01.rar 142 MB

Development log