A downloadable game for Windows

An autobiographical tale in art/game form which tells the tale of a boy who is trapped in a strange world. The boy needs to remember a hidden memory in order to escape this world of loneliness and anxiety that plagues his imagination. As his only relatively positive memory is that of a turtle, he starts walking down the path to his freedom.

A short game made by AmateurBB.


Use the arrow keys to move.
Use the shift key to run.
Use the Z or Enter key to interact to a character or an indicator.

A world of dreams and reflections, where you play as a boy.
Venturing across down the road, you will encounter memories.
A hidden memory lies the key to your choice. The choice to
accept your fate or defy against it.


Engine Used: RPG Maker VX Ace


Feather Waltz, Blue Feather and Stages of Grief by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


NerdiGaming - Title Screen

Art Assets:

  • Mostly done by me.


Art Book:


Alternative Download Link:

NO RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/txcg0tdkdtdxaj7/TBWCTnoRTP.exe (If you have the engine) 30 MB
RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/w0v9072duc3b7i0/TBWCT.exe (If you don't have the engine, download this one) 222 MB

Install instructions

Click on the EXE file and download the file to a folder with the destination instructed on the file. Open the file and play the game by opening the Game.exe file.


TBWCT.exe 216 MB
TBWCTnoRTP.exe 30 MB