An Entry for the 4th Hawktober Jam.

You've been fighting for so long now. It must be painful having to go and deal with the endless nightmare of dueling all those Old Deus. 

Well, I have a proposition that you can't refuse. Your freedom. I can exit this realm as I please. But I can't do that as is. I lost a fight in the astral plane, my body is completely trashed. I'm aged to a stupidly horrifying degree, wrinkled, burned endlessly, and be cursed by that BLASTED METAMASTER GOD OF A STUPID LITTLE-

...Ahem. My apologies. I lost my composure there.

In any event, I am a miracle upon this despair that you've been thrust into.

Trust me and I will get you out. You just have to give me two old Deus souls.

How do you get them? Purge their soul. You have the power after all. You were granted the ability to fight them by one of those Eldritch abominations. And they don't seem to care much for your fate one bit. They are fickle galactic-brained folks after all.

But it's better to let you go and experience it for yourself.



  • Platform challenges where you will need to purge the souls of the old gods.
  • 2 Difficulties (Hawk and Crow).
  • Platformer horror game with dark ambient atmosphere.


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