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This project was created for the Indie Game Making Contest: Rebirth.

Warning: Flashing lights are to be expected, this will be rectified post jam.


A flowerbloom maiden is falling into a world of near blackened state, disillusioned and robbed of her most intimate past memories. Deathly stench permeates the vicinity.  Yet the flowerbloom itself radiates renewal energy the likes of which can counter such blackness. Alongside the knight glistening in love aura, who compassionately tried to protect the flowerbloom maiden before her awakening, they both must find the last key to restore the lands and rejuvenate the world once more.


- A simple input memory game where you input arrow keys and numbers to rejuvenate or rebirth darkened beings attempting after your life. Ensure your memory is in tip top shape, as you will need to remember the order and input the correct sequence.

- Relatively short game experience within roughly 20-30 minutes.

- Silent storytelling with no dialogue.

- Multiple CGs and arts akin to a visual novel.


Arrow KeysNavigation/Combination Input
Z Confirm / Interact
X Cancel / Menu
1/2/3/4Combination Input
PageDownFast Forward Speed



  • BerryB


  • Visustella
  • Theo
  • SRD/SumRndmDde/SRDude


  • BerryB
  • Gotcha Gotcha Games


  • migfus20
  • Tri-Tachyon
  • TAD
  • Degica
  • Gotcha Gotcha Games
  • Richard John S.


LifeALivev1_2.zip 310 MB
AiHanaRyuvLifeaLive_JP.zip 314 MB

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