A downloadable TBWCT-S01.5 for Windows

Featuring 2 main modes: Turtle mode and Spinster mode, which is unlocked after completing the Turtle Mode.

New Updates v.0.8:

After completing the 2 main modes, you unlock Challenge Mode, where you will fight battles from across multiple RPG Maker games.

A turn based combat system with different elements pertaining to different energy forms (passion, hope, despair, physical, kindness, willpower).

Support characters which will support you (healing/attacking).

No items, so reliance on skills and strategy is important.


The continuation of the tale of a boy who is trapped in a strange world. The boy and the turtle escaped the strange world, only to be brought back by a strange force. Despite the turtle being with him this time, the world becomes much more volatile and aggressive. It intends to kill the turtle to end the resistance, to end the boy's hope. The only way is forward. To find the exit once more.

Yet when all is said and done, would you consider this the true tale of his memories? Or are they fabricated by someone else's selfish desires.



Use the arrow keys to move.
Use the shift key to run.
Use the Z or Enter key to interact to a character or an indicator.

Open the menu using Esc or X.

You can also touch the area to move to where you want to interact with.

A world of dreams and reflections, where you play as the turtle.

Venturing a dangerous world, it intends to end your existence.

You will need to truly know to survive. Though you are not alone.

But will it truly be that simple?


Engine Used: RPG Maker MV

Story, Eventing, Mapping: BerryB/AmateurBB





Yanfly Engine

Dan "Liquidize" Deptula



Victor Sant

Shoichiro Sakamoto


Special Thanks



Driftwood Gaming

Music Composition:

Incompetech - Kevin MacLeod

RPG Maker 2003 Remix

Feelings of Hope and Sadness - Gavin Luke

Drama in Heaven 11 - Anders Morlin


Install instructions

Open the file Game_Boxed.exe in order to play the game.


The Boy Who Cried Turtle v0.8 [public].rar 488 MB


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I'm extremely disappointed because I was super excited to play the boy who cried turtle as the title is really capitivating but I cannot open the file as I do not know how to open it in Game_boxed.exe, couldn't you just export it like any other rpg maker mv game so I can play it and understand the chain of suicide! 

Ah. I sincerely apologize for the unplayable build. I have not exactly touched the iteration in a long time. I don't know when I will reupdate this but I will reexport it into a non enigmabox based package whenever I get the chance to.