A downloadable rpg maker game for Windows

Disclaimer: Content contains cartoon gore, decapitation, violence, creature oriented (including furries) content, themes of depression and allusion to cannibalism. Flashing lights, relative lag at certain points on low end computers.

Play as a wendigo and maul your enemies with no mercy. Although, as merciless and monstrous as the creature may be. Would it even have any thoughts of its own?

As the Walking Apocalypse, you maim and destroy all in sight. Not thinking. Not caring. Mind is lost. The stabilizer is the creature that can stop him from losing his self. But is it ever that simple? There are other forces at play. And how did the Walking Apocalypse came to be? These mysteries will be answered in this new story node covering an alternate path. One where he faces against the Chosen.

Story is strongly influenced and abridged based off of Final Fantasy 5. So some context may be confusing if you don't play this game.

  •  Turn based combat with powerful moves at your disposal. However, some battles will require you to think strategically to some extent.
  •  Visual novel style storytelling with no exploration and equipment management. No items.
  • Wendigos, Lizard creatures, Wolfskins, Trolls (The creatures and not the internet types)
  •  Shaking Text
  •  Multiple endings depending on your actions in battle.


  • Z/Enter to interact
  •  X to cancel
  •  Arrow Keys - toggle directions (left, right, up and down)
  •  F4 - Toggle Fullscreen



  • BerryB


  • BerryB
  •  Kadokawa (RPG Maker MV RTP)
  • Aekashics


  • BerryB
  •  FFV - inspired tracks -
  •  SoundBible
  •  Kevin MacLeod/Incompetech
  •  Pixabay
  •  Wingless Seraph
  •  JDBArtist
  •  Schematist

 - Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc

  • Joker101 
  •  Murray Atkinson
  •  Tungerman
  • RPG Maker 2003 and XP music (remixed by BerryB)
  •  NenadSimic
  •  (OpenGameArt.org)


  •   Yanfly
  • SumRndmDde
  •  Moghunter
  •  Himeworks
  •   Galv
  •  DreamX
  •  OcRam
  •  Irina
  • Victor Sant
  •  Trb


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Video Gameplay? 

The closest one to a video gameplay is this one. It doesn't cover all the routes though.: